Sunday, January 20, 2008

Question 3: More Help

Q3: Will the Center be bringing in more support (students or staff) to work with the various interventions?

1. Response:

The short answer is yes. The CMH will have two Kellogg Health Disparity Scholars in 2007 and we continue to identify new junior faculty to work with us on a variety of research projects. However, the key is “…more staff/student support…” that will help reduce work load stress. I am working with the Dean’s office to make a case for new staff support. The justification requires that we conduct a workload audit demonstrating how current staff are deployed and where the gaps are that must be filled. Keep in mind, we have experienced tremendous growth over the past seven years (15 to 20 new staff) and the vast majority of them are supported on “soft-money” …. (grants / contracts). We need enough staff and the right staff to successfully carry out the work in order to secure additional grants / contracts to keep everyone employed. It is a matter of balance and management to keep the CMH moving forward.

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