Sunday, January 20, 2008

Question 4: Barbers & Stylists in Research Center of Excellence

Q4: How can we 'train' barbers and stylists to be integral parts of Research Center of Excellence in Minority Health Disparities (RCEMHD)

The CMH works in partnership with 10 barbershops/salons located in the Health Empowerment Zone. Over the past six years this innovative collaboration has evolved into our Health Advocates In-Reach (HAIR) intervention under the leadership of Mr. Mario Browne, CMH Project director. Click below to learn more about HAIR

Within the context of the RCEMHD, the shops serve as portals of entry for individuals into the Healthy Black Family Project. They are also sites for dissemination of evidence based health information including, but not limited to, mental wellness, obesity prevention, access to health insurance, environmental justice and other material. The barbers and stylist have received "mini-grants" to support their efforts. Importantly, the shops provide a venue for the annual Take A Health Professional to the People Day each September.

The barbershops /salons are in intregral part of the RCEMHD Community Research Engagement Core (Dr. Angela Ford, Core Dir.). Click below to learn more about the Community Research Engagement Core

Click below to learn more about the integration of barbershops/salons into the RCEMHD.

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